Oct 13, 2011

Missing my babies

This is where I am now....at home sweet home...for the last time alone...

I have been sitting my time-up in ICU in a space that is the size of 1x1,5m for 2 weeks flat!!  I don’t like small spaces but I did it. Because of my babies. Time have fly so quickly. I can sit with my babies the whole day for hours and I just love it!! I am still in  amaze med-shock!!  It still unbelievable to be a mommy.

Nika is weighing 2,36kg and Wium 2,22kg. They are doing brilliantly good!! For premmies! I think they slip out at night and go for a steak in town, thats why the weight are picking up. And the kangarooing is what they love.

They are on full feeding 41 ml and they have start with the bottles and what don’t go in they still get top-up with their feeding tube. I think they are so fed-up with that tube in their nose, Nika pull hers out today.

Wium have been getting so many needles in him, when just somebody touches his legs or arms, he start to cry, shame my poor boy. Soon we will take you home to peace and no doctors near.

How long we will stay??? Me guess is as good as yours!

Everyone tells me to get a break and go home, how do you leave your kids?? SO yesterday I went home( after tossing and turing the whole night...) and just get all the washing and pack a new going-home-bag , because my the 2 dont fit in to tiny-baby stuff they are to long. Tomorrow I will go down with Luv can not wait to see them today.

I thought I won’t  cry when I tell them I am going to leave then for a day. I said goodbye and then they open their eyes! And I start crying....all the way out and everyone seeing me  tap me on the shoulder( by now  everyone in the hospital knows mel)

We phone a few times to get reports on our babies. They sleep well....everything is going good....they drink nicely...they poo ect.

I think the time is near to take them home....we can not wait!!!

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  1. Hopelijk komen ze vlug naar huis, de lieve schatjes:)
    Je hebt een mooie woning:)
    groetjes Annick