Oct 10, 2011

They are doing great

Just left the ICU, can not believe its day 13 already. The supa-babes are doing great!!!!!. They are off all drips now, thanks goodness!!. Have to say every morning there was blood-girls, or must I say Vampire-girls they did the blood-works. Shame they cried so much and my heart broke in 10000000 pieces!!

We start breastfeeding, but I don’t think I have enough milk and that a pity, I want to breastfeed!! But what’s best for the babies?? Enough milk at the end.

This weekend we did a lot of kangarooing, we love doing that. And Luv just adores his 2 little sweethearts. He miss them a lot in the weeks. Luckily time fly’s and shortly we will go home and all this stays far from home, will vanish in the sky. I have made so many new friends and all the sistesr are so nice, they are like friends now.

Today was the first day we have put on clothes for them for a short while. It was very funny. Their legs are to long for the prem clothes. They where all curled up in the baby grows. But they look just like babies and I hold them together. Its so sweet so see how they reach out to each other!!

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  1. YAY, sounds like they are both progressing really well !!