Oct 1, 2011

Day 1-3 of ICU

HI you all!!

Sorry for not being very present right now!! But I am a very busy mommy!! I am not at the internet so it’s a bit difficult. The birth story I will post over this weekend. I need time to pin point the most wonderful day of my life down and you don’t want to miss out on any detail ( and there was alot!)

So I will just give you details of Wium and Nika doings!!!!!

Day 1 was a hectic day in their lives. They have met their special parents that have waited for them for 10 freaking too long years!! and say goodbye to their tummy-aunty’s-bake-oven.

Wium was suffering  with his breathing and Nika was doing fine. After a few hours they did give him something (something for now because I do not know what?? Will found out tomorrow) and then he was fine. They are on normal room air not on oxygen, thats great!!!

They look like fighter-pilots with the hats and pipes they have on!!! They are so cute!!!

We did our fist kangarooing!! This was the best part ever. I undress and they put Wium on my breast and he was holding my thumb!! Luv was having Nika on his breast, he was sitting like a statue!! Very funny, to scared to move!!! They are so tiny!!! Have to say Luv just LOVE his 2 little babies so much!!! If I wonder where he is...you will find him next to one of their little beds!!!

Day 2 they were doing fine at 15h00 Wium did give us, our first scare ( we are 10 years older) while we were looking at him he turn blue!!! I scream at the sister and she react immediately!!( now I know they can look after our babies very nicely and quickly they will react if something happen) We got such a fright!! And just run out of ICU!! It was just a mucus-plug and they got it out, and he was fine. The sister call us to come and have a look to see that he was fine!! GEEE WHIZZZZ we thought he was dying!!!  So emotionally I am drained!

Day 3 Wium are doing the better than Nika today!!. Both of them hold our fingers and then they don’t want to let go!! We love it!! I can not tell you how many hours we are in ICU just touching and holding them and  we talk to them allot!!


I am sitting with Wium and Luv with Nika


  1. Congratulations to both of you! And... they are not that small, your twins, they are looking solid :-)

  2. Aaah guys you look amazing as a family! Wow that pic brings tears to my eyes. All the hopes finally realised and all the fears finally over! What a wonderful week! You've been a real inspiration to us on our surro journey...(Kathy aka xox)

  3. What a beautiful picture with such a happy parents. I hope happiness takes away the worries a bit !!
    I have come on and off to your blog to give you a HUGE Congratulation to you and your DH and express my hope that your two miracles can come home with you as soon as possible and also that your surro-sus recovers nicely !! Somehow, the computer did not let me post my comment !? Anyways, I am soooo thrilled that you got a healthy boy and a healthy girl and that you are now a familly !! Wishing you all the best and beautiful moments you have been "working" so had to experience !!

  4. Lovely picture, proud parents, Nika is al lovely name, liefs Annick

  5. Dag Cstelle en Mijnheer,

    Met enige vertraging (ek was n paar dae blogvrij) ook my felicitaties en gelukwensen. Ek verheug my vir julle dat die wonderlike tweeling uit 'n meisie en' n seuntjie bestaan. Hulle het baie spesiale name.
    Ook hartlike groet aan Suro-Sus. Ek kry ook graag verder nuus oor haar. God seën julle verder.
    Baie soenen, liewe drukie,heel veel liefs uit Vlaanderen,

  6. Wenn auch ein wenig verspätet:

    Meinen herzlichsten Glückwunsch zum Nachwuchs! Alles, alles Gute für die Zukunft!

    Liebe Grüße, heinka