Oct 26, 2011


To see my babies make every tear and needle worth it!!

They are soooo sweet and loved! And we are so relax....more than I would ever think!!

You remember a few months ago, the story about paranoid me!! So I bought the sound and movement monitor, all the times I watch over Suro-sus kids I was PARANOID, for them to stop breathing!! Its a HUGE thing for me. So if I have to watch I will sit up the whole night, with my hand on their chests or with a finger under their nose, or lights flashing on them to see if they still breathe. At the end of the night they have had a wonderful night and me.....totally exhausted and so glad to see that the sun is shining.

In the hospital I was fine!! Because they were double check all the time with heart rate and breathing monitors. Funny on Friday when the sister was busy to disconnect the beepers ( I did not see it) the next moment I was aware of not hearing the beeping. I turn around and ask did they stop to breathe??? NO, they your babies now and will be fine.

SO when they arrive home we put on their SNUZAS ( its a movement monitor) and wonder if this gadget work?? And yes it work!!! Its the best gadget ever!! You just clip onto their diapers and the moment nothing move after 10 sec it buzz to wake the baby, if not after another 10 sec the alarm will go off!  Mommy go and get yourself one!! Snuza have kill my paranoia .

The first night at about 4 o’clock it went off, baby still fine just the Snuza that have move abit after babies wiggling. From then on we know it work so when we hit the pillow....we....sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. I have ordered two Snuzas too. The people at Snuza have a lovely twin discount if you ask.

    I'm so glad to hear they work so well.


  2. I am sooooo glad your miracle time is not "tinted" by paranoia. I can well understand this feeling (I used to be like that with my friends kids too). It is extremely tyring and such a waste of energy, so great you found the Snuza works well and that your get valuable sleep !!