May 4, 2011

Yes !! I bought something.

Yes, I know I always say that when I am ever  pregnant again I WILL NOT BUY ANYTHING TILL I SEE THE BABIES!! Because of all the disappointments time and time again, and scared to get excited…
This time is so different. It feels like there is a lid on this can, that just want to burst out of control.

…and I must confess…. I bought my first stuff for the twins a month ago…2 very colourful worms!!! I just could not resist!!
 and there is something else… just after we found out we are both pregnant I bought 2 pair of baby sock!! ( maybe I just got the feeling!!)

                                                     The worms are so quite!!!!!

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  1. Gorgeous... so lovely to buy something. Don't hold back your excitement :)) xoxo