May 31, 2011

Baby Room

Boring only the worms have colour...

                 You can just think how the twins are going to do there homework here!!

A lot of people are asking about my baby room???? Have you started?? What is it going to look like?? Do you have a theme for the room??

If pregnancy is not “u-natural” for you, you do not do your baby room just after you have pee-on-a-stick and get double line! You wait… and in my case I actually want to wait till I see the 2 little miracles in my arms. ( but that will be a bit of a problem I suppose) I don’t know what it’s going to look like…but under pressure I perform the best!! And the theme??? If you know me , you will know I am not the theme type, mostly because I cannot made up my mind!! The more chaos the better!!

There are so many nice things for baby rooms!! How do you choose?? And the big thing I am scared off… my DIY projects…and believe me I have a few for the room!! You will just have to wait and see!!

I have put 2 pics of the room as it is now!! It was my “hobby-room” and have clean-up the cupboards. So now this is not a baby room, if you put the babies in here now, they will have nightmare!!

After the 20 week scan I will start with the room!

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  1. Hallo liewe Cstelle,
    Mooi bly.
    In so 'n groot bed sal die pasgebore tweeling al slaap? (Lach)
    Baaie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,