May 15, 2011

13 weeks

Friday we went for the scan. Before we started the lady ask me how many times have you been pregnant...9 times so this is your 10th?? Yes. and then she ask,  how many living babies??? none!! she was shocked...

Twin A was 12 weeks 5 days and twin B 12 weeks 4 days. So they are growing so good!!. It was so nice to see them again!! I just adore them with my whole heart!!

I can not help, but the moment the scan came on and I hear the heart beat the tears where rolling!! Yes I cried!! Like all the other times!! It is just so amazing!! And this pregnancy is not doing me any good, I and crying for anything and everything! But I just don’t care a hec. The one twin was waving at us, I think the twin wants us to know they can not wait to meet the best parents in the whole wide world! Me and LUV!
The twins are fine and perfect and we are so relief!!! And blessed! And we are moving on to 2nd trimester. Jippee!!
This scan as super amazing!! We could see everything so perfectly.
The exciting part we have started to do Eye-shopping… and found amazing stuff. The baby stuff is so beautiful, but we are just looking.

Twin A
Twin B
                                          Hi Mommy and Daddy!!!! We love you xxxx

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  1. Oh Honey, those pics are gorgeous and these babies so precious! So thrilled to hear that everything is perfect witht he babies. Enjoy the shopping now that you are in the second trimester. Thinking of you often.