May 1, 2011


This is me sleepy..and waitng for the sharks

Great white shark!!!!!!
Getting in the cage...first!!!

Whaaaaaaaaa!! What did you think  we did today???
We used our voucher ( it was a prize ,I won in a magazine last year ) to go and do SHARK.CAGE.DIVING!!!!
It really was a big thing for me, I don’t like sharks especially “great white sharks”  I am shit scared of them and I get SOOOOOOO Sea sick that I want to die!!! And to go on a boat for 4 hours!! So as you can see I was not so keen using up my prize.
Yesterday I bought sea sick pills and an acupuncture band you put on your wrist. Making double sure I will not be the one and only bugger hanging over the boat puking out my breakfast-intestines-sea-sick-pills-and-last-years-birthday-cake.
So we arrived all geared up for this expedition…. Sharks here we come.
The boat drive was nice and the rest of the crew and “want-to-see-shark-people” was all fun. Then the boat stop and we wait….and wait…and we wait.( sometimes you can wait hours…) I am fine but maybe it was my imagination but feeling weird being on a boat…I hate boats. So I lie down in front, feeling very sleepy ( sleepy is much better than puking, I suppose)…off the pills!!!
Next moment….. Shark!!! Everybody went into alert!! Getting into wetsuits and goggles. Before thinking I was in the cage( even before Luv)…and can not believe it….it was fun!!!! it was so cool!!! And me and luv enjoyed it so much!! Why was I so scared???
 And the best of the whole day I did not puke!!!! I and so chuff with myself!!
Another tick-off from the Buckets List


  1. Liewe Cstelle,

    Met die wit haaie dit is niks vir my, ek is nie so op sensasies begerig. Maar ek bewonder die foto waar jy op die dek van die skip slaap: lekker dikkie, volslank, is jy!

    Baaie kisses.Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,