May 22, 2011


Last years Relay!!

Every year I do a coulase  of photo’s of the past year. I have been doing it for 10 years now. It’s nice , because when I look at it the whole year is jumping to my memories at once and then I remember all the nice stuff we’ve been doing. It’s already May and I have not even beginning to start 2010.
And for me it feel like last year all we did was IVF, Court case, Fertility clinic, injections, medication and NO fun stuff at all, but then…
I grap my labtop…open up 2010 pictures, and what a surprise!!!! We have done such a lot of fun stuff,  nice stuff and exciting stuff. So in a second I have forgotten all the shit stuff.
One of the things we enjoyed a lot last year was the Re.lay of life ( it’s a through the night walk for cancer) we have had so much fun. And all of us decided last year we will be back this year. But now things have change abit.
The relay will be in October ( very near Suro-sus due date) and our group of last year ,exist of 5 women and of the 5. Suro-sus is pregnant now, I am don’t know what you call me ??? Semi-pregnant, one of the other girls will just have had her baby , the other one is pregnant and then the only one not being pregnant is my mom!!!! Thank goodness she is not pregnant!!! That will be a disaster.
So this year we will skip, but 2012 we will be back with a even BIGGER group.

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  1. Sounds like a fun thing to do for a great cause... but your October is going to be sooo exciting :)) Not long now :) xoxo