May 24, 2011

I am starting to say goodbay

The last 2 days I have been working away from home. When we got married I work from home for 3 years and then Luv’s work change and we move to a town about an hour’s drive from there.

It was hard for me to just leave my clients, so I decided I will go and work there every second week for 2 days and then because I am not there regularly they will leave me soon and then I will stop working there, and I will then only work from home and not away!!


For 8 years my clients did not leave me !!!! So my work there did not stop after all these years!! They have been my clients  now for 11 years!! And I just love them to bits!! Every single one,( and there age’s are from 20’s to 80’s) means something in my heart. Everyone is like and different book. Together we have been trough laughter and tears, Kids in schools to kids that got married. From being a mother to being a grandma. Going through divorces to wonderful happy stories. I just love their  stories!!!

The hour’s drive was my ME TIME, my THINKING TIME, my PLANNING TIME,  it was my CRYING TIME ( after getting my bloodworks over the years with big fat negative’s, decided what’s next on the IF route, just sorting out my life) That drive to my clients was my PSYCHOLOGIST!! That hour’s drive was what make me cope with my life. Have to say I was crying a lot of time, my lungs out in that car.

SO now how do I tell them?????Its so hard for me. SO the last 2 days I was telling them this wonderful news!!! They are all over the moon for us!! ( yes they cried, like most of the people that found out we are pregnant!! And all of them think my sus are the best thing in the world)… and then the following ….so you are going to leave us now??? And what do I say???? I think so,

 but let’s take this monthly and see.

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