May 29, 2011

I wants to hit the road!

After this weekend I will seriously think to get my “tekkies” on!!! I have not done any exercise the past 2 months. From the 1st of April I was sick!!  I went through 2 set of antibiotics,  did not help ,I just stay sick. I was so fed-up!! Being sick the whole time. Its only after Tuesday that I feel fine!!!.

Yesterday Luv did a mountain trail run of 24 km ( I can not even climb 10 steps) so I was feeling like a DUU!!!!!! And today I watch the Comrades marathon. ( One of my friends did sooooo good this time!!!) I am so happy for her! Congrats!

 I am so jealous of all these people that feel so sporty and good. So tomorrow I can just maybe start by walking!!

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