May 10, 2011

12 weeks!! Jipeee

Wowww Wowww!! We are 12 weeks this week!!! The end of the 1st Trimester!! And I am asking how did we get here????? It’s unbelievable!!!!
First it was 4 weeks, never getting to 5….very stress full to 6…try to get the time over till 7…can not wait for the scan at 8 weeks… loads is public holidays, Easter weekend and  I did a total house clean-up( still busy) and then its 12 weeks!!! This so super amazing!!
I can not describe it to you all. When I am pregnant, there is, before you can say sex… trouble!!! And that trouble’s name is BLOOD!!  When I was pregnant with the twins  I start to bleed at 8 weeks till the sad end.
So my pregnancy is like lying on black bags, bleeding for more or less 22 hours of the day, everyday. I want to faint the whole time ( feeling wonderful just to be pregnant!! Did not think it was abnormal then , now I know it was so abnormal) sometimes it was so bad, I was just lying in my bathroom with just a t-shirt  and bleed. I could not move, because then it feel like streams running all over. Pads where soaks with in 4 minutes. It was like a horror movie. I never in my life want to go through that again. Its so printed in my memory!!
SO now its so nice to be part of this wonderful pregnancy where we can just enjoy every second, And we do enjoy every second!!!! Of this amazing journey! I can not wait for the day when we can hold those 2 miracles!!

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