May 11, 2011

Nearly finish

Some of the stuff that's going out of my house

As you know, I unpacked, remove, move and did something that was long time due. That was to go through all my cupboards. Which sound like an exciting thing to do, change into a project  that was so irritating and so chaos.
My cupboards are neat but you always put new stuff in, and in, and in, and in. So when I start I did not know where to start… so where do you start  when you don’t know where, You rip out every single thing that’s in there and through it on the floor, on the beds , on tables…
It was so chaos we could not walk in our house and it took me 2 days. One Friday and Monday to find a new place for everything that need to stay. SO what happen to Saturday and Sunday???? It feel like we live in a burglary, things lying everywhere!! I hate it.
Because I was so fed up with everything… I did not think… If I did not use, wear or I was just over irritated, I threw it AWAY!!! I end up yesterday with a room full of stuff, that needed to be sorted out. So I sorted it out in 9 bundles witch I will give out this weekend, I just can not wait to get it out of my house!!!
Last night was heaven just to get in the bath without needed to be “a cliffhanger” struggling just get to the inside of the shower!
But now I am sorted out for the next 8 years!!! I am starting to clean up  my life!

Suro-sus are doing fine with our babies. She is so nice she already took the babies on a sea vacation holiday, to to watch the Stormer@ Crusader's game and they went to the farm. I dont hope they want to stay there for ever!!

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