May 3, 2011

11 weeks!

Suro-sus went for the next scan today, with the clinic’s calculations we are 10 weeks 1 day but the scan show 11 weeks both!! Look like the long weekends and holiday did them good!!
Me and Luv did not go with today, I think it’s good for Sus to have a bit of me-time with her own doctor without me and Luv peeping over her.
The one was very active and sucking its thumb ( I want to cry, because I miss-out on that) and the other one was very snoozy!! We definitely have 2 personalities here!! Luv was saying he know exactly how the snoozy one must feel with the other one is kicking him the whole time while he  wants to sleep.( it that happening in our bed??)
Their hearts are beating at 166 and 168 and all is fine!! Now the next scan is the big one!!
This whole day I am so teary, still cannot believe what’s finally happening to us with this 3 miracles ( the twins and their tummy-aunty)


  1. awesome awesome news!!!!!! You so deserve every minute of your miracles xxx

  2. Liewe Cstelle,
    God sy dank is daar ook nog goeie nuus in hierdie wêreld! Nou mag jy ook die titel van jou blog verander!

    Ook laat ek jou weet dat ek 'n nuwe Afrikaans boek in Afrikaans het: Rina Sherman "Uitreis". Ek sal die boek voorstel in my Blog.
    Baaie kisses.Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,