Feb 27, 2012

What a nice weekend this was!!! The last 2years was so full of driving around and when weekends hit we just crawl into our cave and relax...so we did not get much time for all of our friends.

But this weekend I saw so many of my old friends!!!!

Saturday we went to a 1st Bday party ( yes still funny to go to this events and sitting there with babies, feels a bit weirdy.) Always nice to see other babies and to see that our little ex-premmies are not far behind, sometimes even ahead! ( must be all the mommy-attention)

When we hit home we met with friends from our previous living home town, how nice to chat and seeing each other again.

And yesterday a bunch of “other old friends” hit our house.... with their kids, the kids boyfriends, just the dogs that miss the party!! The twins were not on their own once, there were just so many babysitters!!

This was so nice and I just reminder how much we miss out the last 2 years. We have had such a good time and so much laughter. It just pep me up, for  the week ahead!!!

This was a weekend......sooooooo much happen!!!!

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