Feb 7, 2012

I know I need to get to bed....but I can  always scratch her and there and just don’t get to bed.....and I am on duty tonight and if you have twins sleep is utterly important , but I am a scratcher... always was.... like a hen.... sleep is not important to me.

The twins are getting so big now, they not like babies anymore and that is shocking!!!!!! And because I miss that I am browsing through their pic’s just to have a peek at how small they were.... and it was so small!!

this was just before we witness the greatest MIRACLE EVER!!!

Luv having a look at his precious little girl for the first time

Me holding Wium for the first time....it was beyond description......

I still am looking at my babies, and can not stop thinking, how my sister have made us the happiest 2 people on earth!!!!


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