Feb 28, 2012

5 Months!

Our babies are 5 months old today ( I did think twice...5 months already!! Wow!!)

AGE: Actual-   5 months     Corrected age- 3months

Height:         have to take them again but they are growing like snakes!! They are so loooonnnnggg.

Weigh;        Growing so well. Nika have hit the average weight line and Wium are still a bit under.

Develop notes:     They are reaching their millstones for their corrected age and same real age thing too. I am doing so many things with them and I can see how they develop in front of my eye, its super amazing!  I am so proud of them.

On the count of 3 , when you have their hands holding they are getting their bodies up and sometimes to the standing position. Nika is better than Wium with this. But they are really getting stronger day by day. They can sit up straight when you hold them and keeping their heads up. They very interested in VERY thing and are following you all day and very thing that passing by. I could not believe when we were watching Luv  playing squash , how they follow him.

They smile allot and laugh out loud. Nika is Brrrrrrr like a car (wonder where she is going??? They just laugh it when I am doing funny things, in front of them, they think their mommy is a clown!!. They can grapping toys and very thing you put in their hands.

They love to see new people and things and are getting to know some of my friends that visit us often.

Eat:    They still on just milk and will start solids much later. They have NO routine they just drink when in need!. They not drinking their whole formula for the day , but are picking up weight

Sleep:                   they don’t like to sleep!! Me two!!  I am struggling to get them to sleep during day time. When I got them down, and think NOW I can do stuff after 15 minutes you see a hand or foot moving , and them they UP!!! For hours!! And they scream because I must sit with them and do stuff which they just love. At 5-6 they will drink and then we bath and they will go to sleep at 8 o’clock.

Then we have our things happing. They will they NOT wake once till Nika 5 o clock ( so from 8 till 5!) and then half pas 6 again Wium  will wake 3, 5, 7, sometimes he will just wake to play ( I want to scream then) but then I just leave him in the cot.

They love watching us in the morning getting ready for the day!!

So at 5 months they still adorable and I just love every second with them!!!!

Last night I was doing bath time all on my own with both babies on the same time!! I was running like a speeding horse, they was thinking it was very funny!! Mommy with some bells between her teeth to keep them busy while dressing them!!     

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