Feb 20, 2012

We went away for my Birthday....and it was so relaxing!!  My Birthday was totally different from ALL the others, in the past I was busy baking and making stuff, having friends over, chatting the night through.

This time I was running  and baby-bunning around making bottles, do feeding, patting babies to sleep, changing poo-panties so diffently, but still I just Love the chatting on the phone the whole day with all the friends and family.

The weekend at the beach we did nothing!!! Just sitting in our PJ’s all the time and sleep and eat...thats life!!!

...and a year ago I was on day 3 ...Suro-sus already a month on her Lucrin-fix...and we were making ready for our LAST and FINAL suro attempt.

Funny how my whole world has change after this...never think you know how the dice will fall...

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