Feb 2, 2012

Its my own babies, they have just been bake in an borrowed oven...

When life is not always working out like normal and different things need to be done to full your dreams.....its funny how many totally assholes are outside there in the world!!! Poor idiots!!

Me and Suro-sus was talking about it now. Infertility treatments, how it work and that it is not always in everybody’s understanding, but them ask!!! If you don’t know. DOnt go out there with your own stupid, off the ball ideas about things you have not a clue about.

AI, IVF’s, ICSI’s and donors.... blab la, is sometimes not even understandable  for those going through it, but then you get to Suro’s

I know when we start at alot of our friends ask us ( you can ask me anything, nothing is personal anymore) how it work.  All the whats, whos, how’s?????

And one thing that stood out was.....WHO’S BABIES ITS  GOING TO BE????????? WHO’S DNA WILL IT BE?????

HoW does it work and I loved it to tell everybody the whole process and why its NOT my sis eggs and MY EGGE AND its Love’s sperms. And for those reading this and don’t know the how’s....here it is, in a short version.

The doc’s put sus in a menopause .....that means they stop her to make her own eggs. To do that she enject her with hormones. Then the doc’s put me on a programme to start stimulate my egg-production ( its with hormonal injections and hormone pills) because we need my eggs for my own babies.

Then on a certain day in my cycle we both went to the clinic, they do a scan to see that there is NO-HIDE-AND-SEEK-EGGs  in suro-sus, ( we don’t want to have any surprises... the doc’s check it double with menopause and scans , you see)  because if there is any eggs, it will mean that it can be her baby-egg at the end.

She is also in a menopause because did you think what will happen if she and her husband do the wacky-panky-LOVE-DANCE.....and she is not in a menu pause and the doctor don’t check her with a scan and we do the IVF?????  Yes brain-box!!!! It can be her and her dear husband babies we are sitting with!!! Disaster!!!! Like Catrina in Orleans!!!

If they see she is clear they start checking my eggie follicles!! When they see my egg follicles are the right size I got in injections to let my eggs loose....

Then on the day of Egg retrieval I went in to theatre, knock-out and doc is taking position between my legs and with a catheter with a needle in front... go through my VAA-GI-NAA to where the let loose eggs are floating....its all microscopic!!! Before hand if they have seen maybe 17 egg follicles, when t I woke they will tell me we have found 11 eggs, Now you wonder where the  rest disappear???? Did the doc see I am this wonderful-stud??? Or did they take some of my eggs to sell on the black market????? No they did not. Not all eggs are mature right or not all the follicles have an egg in, yes you get dud’s even me have some, we all normal.

When I am in theare Luv is ask to do his sample, in |Afrikaans  its call a “monster” Have you ever see a monster in a bottle?????Funny I know!!!

When they got my precious harvest eggs in a Petri-dish they through Luv’s  wonderful sperms in and nature take place in a bottle) Yes we are the 2000!!! Designer-stuff are happening right under your nose and you did not ever know about it. .

I will then phone in and the lab-rat who will give my report on the eggs?? I’ve got brilliant eggs they have a report!!! Then on day 3 or 5 or what look best for doc, they will phone us telling suro-sus to stop being in a menu pause- stop being an old lady , girl!! They need her young body for pregnancy. Then we will go to theatre.  Sus will get on the bed with a FULL BLADDER ( its the worse of it all). Doc’ taking his front seat between the legs ( to put embies back, it is not a zip-in –zip-out story!!. I know Sus wish there could be zips on her belly, but NO. Science needs to catch up!!!! Soon!

With a catheter they go through sus VAA-GI-NA and put the embios in her uterus. After words they check to see that the embryos did not get stuck in the tubes of the catheter  ( that will be a waist) With the embies on board, the doc’s team wishing us like and pray to not see us again, please let it work!!! Sus need to lay for an hour flat on her back at the clinic.

What will she do this hour????????? She will hope and wish she don’t pee in the clinic’s bed, you reminder the FULL BLADDER!!!!! The sec the clock announces the hour’s end she will run to the loo and hope she don’t pee the babies out. Funny but everyone that have done this, is thinking it!!!! ( you cant pee them out- its just that, what IF!!!!!)

Then suro-sus is starting with the Monsterzilla-bum-injections!!! Its for her body to try to make it most baby-friendly ever. Just maybe the embryos want to stay...Please stay!!!!

Then the dreat full 2 week wait start and the wonder what if????? On day 10 she go for bloodworks and then drumroll......you’re world start to crumble in 1000000000000000 pieces or YOUR STRIKE IT LUCKY!!!!!!!!!! YOUR PREGNANT!!!!

So the babies inside is as you can read.....not SUS babies!!!!!!!! Its my and Luv’s DNA. The babies will look like us!!!!!!! She is NOT giving away HER babies!!!!! She is giving our babies back to us!! The just bake them for us.... you reminder.......



  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    Vanselfsprekend is dit jou baba's, punt aan die lyn. Trek jy niks aan van wat dom mense skinder.
    Hier is nou regtig winterweer.
    Baie kisses. Heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,♥


  2. Ek moes glimlag toe ek jou blog entry lees. Mense luister nie as mens praat nie en glo en hoor net wat hulle wil.

    As ek al R50 gehad het vir elke keer wat ek oor en oor en oor moes verduidelik wat ons probleem is en wat ICSI nou weer is veral aan my een skoonsuster wat gerook het toe sy swanger was, na 'n halwe maand se probeer)kon ek al 'n dubbel skenker siklus bekostig het.