Feb 23, 2012

Since we got married, I made a “collage”  with some of the memorable photos of what happen that year. Its very nice when I you look at it, a whole years memories is jumping to you. On my walls I just put the last 9 years and as I put a new year on the wall the older ones I put in a book.  I have my own rules and that was each year the collage, must be hanging before 1 off March,  and so it happen each and every year. So after many years and when we sit in an old aged home we can look through the book and think...

What a wonderful life we lived!!!!!!

I love  doing stuff like this, BUT.. the past 2 years was super hectic and there was just NO time.

So it is with must ashamed, that I need to tell you...today the 23th February I have just finish the collage of ......drum roll!!!!!!   

2010!!! Yes you are reading it.....2010!!!! I feel like a dummer, but there was just NO time between IVFFING!!

Now I am in it, so maybe 2011 ( last year) will soon follow, actually I think I can just put a pic of Nika and Wium in it.

After all that was 2011!!!!


  1. Hi,

    I'm finding you for the first time through ICLW. I love the way you describe collaging your year. It's no wonder that you were busy last year with the twins. :D

    Take care, best wishes,