Feb 16, 2012

Lately I don’t get any free time to do things around me....the twins want ALL MY ATTENTION!!!

They want me to do things with them all the time, they just love it and go totally mad the minute I say...”what are we going to do now” the excitement on their faces are priceless!!!!

The Playroom is slowly, very slowly getting into shape!!! Hope it will be finish, before they finish school.

They are getting more adorable day by day!! Nika are defiantly before Wium in all the things they do, but Wium are the more reckless one of the two.

5 o’clock is still the best time of day when the twins, DADDY arrive...

Wonder how you get both babies to sleep on the same time.... one in your arms and patting the other one with your leg...you can just think the leg musles I will have when they grown-up.

this is how Luv found me when he got home... both babies sleeping zzzzzzzzzz

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