Feb 6, 2012

This weekend I was really seeing forward to the party of my brother’s son, but on Friday we got a call...his kids both have baby measles. So we cancelled!!! What a bummer!!! I was so seeing forward to see Suro-sus and her kids.

I know baby measles are not that bad to have, but my babies are doing so great now, have not been sick and that’s a bonus. And after all the people always telling you , why did you not go..... go and have a look.....they all work and don’t look after their kids  during day time. The baby sitter is sitting with their feverish kids.

I love jokes but I think to have 2 feverish babies.....not a joke.

So we went to my MIL, yes the one that in 8 years only visit us 3x times for 10 minutes ( remember we did not have kids!) why mind us.

My teeth are grinning through..... When they sleep she will talk loud to them , because she wants to talk to them.....yes waking them.. When I finally get them to sleep with the favourite bunny in their arms, she will jump up and grap it out of their arms , because SHE THINKS they don’t like it. You can just think I was going through the roof!! If I am burping one baby and the burp is coming out SHE will say “ my burping was better and louder!”

As you can see I was the weekend in a competition with my MIL.

Me that is with my twins 24/7 knowing every single thing of them with my MIL  WHO JUST KNOW EVERYTHING AND IS THE BEST  IN JUST EVERTHING!!!!

Shame my poor little babies!!!!

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