Feb 13, 2012

Because my house are more and more looking like a playroom and more and more kids stuff are filling my house....I have decided..

We need a room for all these stuff!! So we think that are “braai room” which we mostly use in winter time will be ideal!! Half of the room we can put a carpet in, do black boards on the doors, and have boxes with all the kids toys in it. Then when other kids and when mine is older they can play and mess up that room and not my lounge like now!!!

I have had this plan for awhile, so what happen if you have plan, you just leave that room , because you going to change it soon, and sooner than later  ITS A MESS.

This weekend me and Luv decided its now or never!!!!! And repaint the room, easier said than done. Now we have 2 little attention seekers that don’t want their parent s to paint on a weekend!!!

Have to say it was not our best job done, but we finish the paint, though changing poo-pants, feedings and some playtime!!

...at the end of the weekend... job done, will show you some pic’s when finish the whole room!!Who said if you have babies you have no time for extra things that need to be done?????

Nika sleeping through the painting...not easy to spot her!! I think she dont want to help! Lazy little Bee...

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  1. Liewe Cstelle,
    “Hallo Nika ek sien jy!”
    Baie kisses, heel liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,