May 1, 2012

April is the months with loads of looooooong weekends, and we have arrive home after another long one . From Friday till Tuesday we have been away...and allot have happen again in my life...there is always allot happening.

The beginning of April I have been for my yearly Gyni-check-up,  I have tell you about the whole story...bla the contraceptive.... the nice egg on my tubeless-side....well...

I know my reproductive-body so good, and last week I just feel O-so-preggies!!

While sitting at my PC I skype Luv “ Hey I think I am pregnant AGAIN!! Congrats you are going to be a daddy!!” he replying hahahah again!!.

When he hit home that afternoon I tell him ..I am pregnant, I just know it!!  Tomorrow I will do I home test.

More on me and home tests.... after all these years I am not a Pee-on-a-stick-addict! I just did it on the suro-ivf-journey and I have an spare one for maybe.

The nine times I have been pregnant was tested by blood test. So on paper I have been pregnant 9 times. I real life I am scared to know the number,,,its many times.  But now after we have had the twins I have tell Luv if ever I got this I think I am pregnant, I will do a home test, just to see. Because alllllllllllll the kizillions of other times, I just will have wait till my “late-periods” arrive.

So Thursday night just before I took a shower, I thought.....I am 100000000% sure I am Pregnant, I am not going to wait till tomorrow, and did the peeing-stick thing......with and immediately double stripes!! I went to Luv and show him and we start laughing!!! Because it was the tubeless-side, my changes where zero ( my FS ones told me he have seen it happen ones, how nobody know) but the egg slip in the back door. 5 weeks pegnant.

We could not sleep that night ...because of excitement !!!!!!!

Just to start bleeding on Sunday.....a MISCARRIAGE AGAIN!!

So my reproductive -insides.. is still on strike!!!  But for the first time it was not THAT BAD, because I have 2 wonderful little babies. It took the edge off!


  1. Oh goodness, you so accurately captured the roller coaster of infertility. I am so sorry for the story's ending, but glad you can find comfort in your precious little guys. xo

  2. I'm so sorry to hear your news... so much excitement then disappointment in a few day :( Thinking of you xoxo

  3. Hi, ek is steeds baie jammer dit het nie gehou nie. xxx