May 13, 2012

My 2 loveable babies xxxxx

 At last my first MOTHER’S DAY!! Thought I never ever writes this.

I do think the media makes allot WhoHA about it, but that’s just my thoughts.

I remember sitting in church on mother’s day, its dreadful, painful and just plain terrible. The minister always loves to make a BIG THING about mother’s day. Handing out a chocolate or some gift to” ALL THE MOMMIES”. ( what makes you a mommy ? only when you bare you own kids? What if you are a mom to many kids at an orphanage? Or even a mom to an animal?)

 Then you that actually wants to be one so much don’t get a thing....because you don’t have kids. It feels as if there is a spotlight on you...your in component women  And each and every year is just the same “ snot” the one minister that did not do it was the one that married us, he will give out things to all the women!! You diverse a medal.

...because, what about the so many women out there, that for some medical reason, some personal reason, some emotional reason, some secret reason cannot be a mommy ??

SO today to all the moms and “specially” all the to-be-some-time-a-mommy-hopefully-soon and all the women with a prayer in their heart... I love you xxxx

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  1. Happy Mother's Day to you too... adorable photo of your little men :) xo