May 27, 2012

The twins are 8 months. My throat are feeling funny , just by the idea of them getting so big, before I see ...they will be having their 1st. I am enjoying them so much and before I can enjoy a stage they have move on....where is the first 3 months where I could just sit and look at them????

They doing so good and we are so happy with their progress.  They are eating more and more different foods, and Nika wants to hold her bottle all by herself (its a mess) Wium is putting every single thing in his mouth....he love shoes.... geee its giving me the creeps. They love the pram-rides daily and to be outside.

They not shy to go to other people. They are very social. Nika love giving hugs.... and Wium think everyone he meets is a clown.

When Luv is getting home after work, they go mad. He will then take them with him upstairs, and while getting out of his working clothes, he sing and entertain them. It gives me a quick break just to get everything in order. All you can hear then is ...giggles and laughs. And its nice boding time with daddy. Luv are doing so much effort with them ... he is a wonderful DAD.

Night time.....they normal babies...they don’t sleep.....there are just so much they can maybe miss out in life.

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