May 7, 2012

I have just arrived at hopsital , they prepping me for theatre....

What I did not tell you in my last post is that although I did have a feeling I am pregnant, I have had pain in my right side. But it come and goes. Then I saw the double stripes, and my periods started. ( what made this pregnancy so weird was, The egg follicle was on my tubeless side, so changes to fall pregnant was nearly zero. But this little egg was, just like me.... she crawl through universal-vaginal-space to found the right side tube. She was so adamant to reach the uterus that with her brave journey  made   her lost her life!! It may sound funny but doctors have seen this happen, not so many times.

Although what I think my periods has began, I still feel pregnant.

Tuesday we come home after our long weekend, and Wednesday morning I dress-up in raggy-clothes to do washing and all the stack-up house work ( and there was plenty to be done)

After I hang the 3th bundle of washing, the twins was moaning the whole day everything was out of control!! Half past 10 I phone Luv, saying today its chaos at home!!! And as I said that, I look out of the window seeing that my laundry-line HAVE COLAPSE!!  What I did not know was , what I have experience as chaos was not even the tip of the ice-mountain.

Half an hour later I was sterilizing the bottles and the next moment I collapse of pain!! Crawing to the couch with my cell phone, phoning Luv to come home immediately. I was so afraid of passing out , luckily the twins was fast asleep.

I phone a friend to look after the twins!! She was there in a flash ( Thanx a mil!!! You are a star!!) I was thing it was an ectopic again but just to make sure we went for a scan at the local hospital and that took hours....painful hours, it is so sore you cannot think , you  cannot listen, you cannot sit, stand-up, or lay are dying of the pain!!!!!

What they saw in the hospital was a cyst that burst , with fluid in my insides! I have ask so many times, is it NOT AN ACTOPIC????    With the answer NO!!

The fluids in your insides are dangerous  so we went home , my dear DR Sweetheart was waiting for me in George, we pack as quickly as possible with twins, our friends helping us. I was in so much pain. And boy I look terrible, raggy clothes, chip off nailvarinsh and my leg hair....grown out!!Hospital things always happen when least expected.

There was allot of road works to George , but with luck we hit them all on green. Half way I was feeling terrible, and pass out. You can just think , Luv was driving at a speed, me collapsing at his side and the twins crying.

He drop me at the doc, got me on the scan, ITS A ANOTHER ECTOPIC!!!! And you’ve got fluid inside we must get you NOW to theatre ( this was half pass 4.)

Can you believe my second ectopic this is ridiculous... why the fuck me AGAIN ! we were talking and you know whats going to happen...THIS IS THE END OF YOU TTC ROAD....after this you finish. Me and Luv was talking on the road about it, but it still was a shock.

I just walk over the road to the hospital, they getting me ready, luv checking me in at reception, and strange people sitting with MY TWINS which I never ever let go out of my eye side. It was a bit of chaos, me looking for the twins, Luv not there, the porter standing with my bed to wheel me to theatre.

5 O clock  I hit the theatre, the anaesthetist listing to my lungs and heart on the way. I getting on the bed with loads of pain, and crying....crying because of all the pain, crying because now I have babies, crying because I am loosing another baby, crying because  its the END....

They struggle awhile to found a vain, of the shock and pain my veins collapse. I have holding DR Sweethearts hand, I think I broke it. Because very needle they try was sore , my threshold was they give me gas. I was asking how long op???? Half hour to a bit...

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