May 11, 2012

Granny-Au-Pair on duty, do you think she is coping???

This whole week I was lying low!! Did not do much, could not do much. But today I am feeling good, no more constantly pain, and discomfort, wounds look good and healed!

I did have a “Granny- Au-pair” for the twins. They just LOVE her!! She could not turn her back for n sec then they scream!! They were sitting with her the whole time, and mommy could take naps!! It was wonderful....thanx MOM!!

The Granny-Au-pair just left, I could see the she will not last long( never get a OLD au-pair) , Nika is fine , but Wium ( wiggly-worm) is not everyone’s playmate. He is just always on a roll. He don’t want to sit still for a sec! The Au-pair was so glad when the twins hit their cots at night.

It was every nice with my mother here, and the twins already missing their ”ouma”

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