May 8, 2012

Wium got hiself a taxi for the day, and he love his new friend.

When I wake after the op, it felt like heaven!! The devastating pain was gone, thank goodness. I was soooo cold they  put , what I call , hot-vacuum on me. I got to my room and see its  late, I must have been gone,  a long time.

I was so nausea....and the sister to slow with a bucket!!! You can just think, what happen next. I ask them to help me to the bathroom, to get me wash; I was drench in blood and vomit. I saw myself in the mirror and thought Geeeewhizz you look terrible and your body....  so pale. They help me so nicely to get washed holding me by my sides and help to get my panty on ( always feel better when you got your panties on, and a T-shirt ( no PJ’s we pack in such a rush!)

In my bed I order food, after all I did not eat anything that day! And then the sleep hit me.....OO so nice!

Where are the twins??? On our way , I phone a dear friend...are you home??? My family are going to crash with you tonight. It was so nice knowing Luv and die kids are staying with them , because they are always so willing to help, thank you xxxxxxxx ( I think in future if they see my number on their screen they will think twice before picking up.

And I know Luv is hands-on, he help with everything so I did not worry a inch. I know he will cope. He have pack there bedding and clothes, bottles even there favourite sleeping toys!

It did feel funny not having him around when I wake, but we are a family now, things work out differently.

Next morning  doctor Sweat Heart come, shame after me he did and birth on the next door town, poor man must have hit his pillow very late that night. He said.....”it was a bad ectopic that ruptured on a very bad place, the egg must have travel a long way and just missed the uterus, it rapture near the uterus so he remove abit of that too!!it took over 1hour and a half hours! So both tubes are gone now! And its the end...........

I got out of the hospital and need to stay in town till the next day. The next day we went to my mother and father, because suro-sus is also there . Then everyone can help Luv with the twins, I was lying down most of time and cannot pick them up.

Thank you so much for everyone helping Luv with the twins, everyone that help to get them to sleep, feed them and play with them, everyone that bring us food its so nice and its always nice to see how friends is there for us. We are at home with abit of chaos, Luv got flu over the weekend, ( I think he is on burnt-out-level and I am just floating, and the twins are getting their first tooth...

one of his hospital friends....

Dad doing a hopsital feed.

Nika getting her bath from dad. As you can's in control!!

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  1. C, I am so sorry for your loss. You speak so lightly of what I can only imagine must have been a terrible ordeal and another heartbreaking loss. Sending you big hugs and wishing you a very speedy recovery