May 21, 2012

Sometimes I look at the twins ...and think how do you get them big?? Because everyday more and more happen!.

Wium still love every single thing you give him to eat, its just super. Nika on the other hand will like it  today , and tomorrow she hates it. She don’t like to eat. I will cook the nicest stuff and she will her was the worst thing she ever tastes. I am not doing the buffet thing for her so if she don’t like it , stay without it.  Its getting better, because if she see her little brother is eating, then she wants too.

Worst of eating is when their months are full  of food , they love to put their feet with the socks in it, its such a mess!! One part I don’t like...the eating part.

I am more strict with them at night time now, and its playing off. There was a time when they totally ruled us!

They love playing with all their toys and each other, they laugh at each other and yes they do have their fights, kicking and clapping each other ending up with tears. And to see their conversations are so cute to watch.

Their teeth are giving them a hard time....but the only thing you see is ...shining gums!!! And burning bums!!.

They are rolling all over the place and going around, like clocks. They get where they want too. Nika can sit for a long time playing....Wium don’t like to sit, he wants to MOVE... he love wires and plugs.

So this weekend he get on to his knees and arms and move forward, I was so shock ! the next step is crawling....he is a little mover, watch out.

They getting so big now, before I can enjoy the stage they are moving on like spoodnicks

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