Jun 12, 2011

17 weeks again.

Having a fun time??? I was feeling nausea the whole day after my Mediclinic-call.

One thing I can tell you all , what a weekend!! And yes we got a few extra grey hairs…

Saturday weekend 13 of our friends in our town went to go and watch the Stomer.s and the Bull.s rugby game at New,lands. We went with a taxi. Great fun!! I was seeing forward to this weekend because the whole week was very tiring for me. This time-period in the pregnancy is super-hard on me!! There are no words to describe it to anyone.

I have lost my twins on 17 weeks 3 years ago. My whole pregnancy was full of disaster the whole time. And on 17 weeks before I know it, I was in labour, my water broke and I was having my babies at home, with just me and Luv. It still feels unreal…what happen that day is still a shock.

So 17 weeks is hard on me!! This time we are so lucky with suro-sus not having any problems, this is also unreal for me.

So just when we got to the rugby field, my phone ring…suro-sus. Telling me she got a rugby ticket. Me making a joke saying it must be the IF clinic that give you one. She saying no it’s the Medi.clinic, but only one…she is in hospital.!!! In seconds It feels like a want to vomit and faint… not again on 17 weeks please. (Worse I was sitting in a bus with 14 people  and I wanted to cry!!!!) Why do things always happen when you are surrounding with loads of people.

What happen…. At 3 o’clock  at night she went to the loo, and the next moment there was blood  flowing!! She was so shock! ( this is the one thing I cannot take any more, with me things happen and I am used to it by now, but I don’t want my sus to go through this stuff. Emotionally it fucks you up!! There are no other words than that. Its fuck up!!

So she rush to hospital they check, she is not in labour, her cervix is not open everything is fine. She was put on a drip  and they do scans. Everybody was on high alert!! Her doctor nearly got a heart attack when he got the call. The babies are fine. Alive and kicking measuring the exact same, nearly 200g. It looks like a blood vessel that was hit or don’t know in words to say what….. any case the blood is not near the babies and she stop bleeding. They kept her I hospital till this morning. She is fine!!

…and we are ???? tired and emotionally fuck-up!!

Sus only call me yesterday at 11h00 when they have done all the checks,( I think she don’t want to upset me) and then I was sitting at the rugby wishing I could only be with her!! It was so hard on me and to just keep your pose with everybody!! The rest of the day was emotionally hard on both of us, but we have had a great day and the laughter defiantly help!!

I was asking sus if I must come helping her at home, but its hard  to stay if you have only the clothes on your butt, so my mother is with her and then I will go Wednesday till Sunday.

We were so seeing forward to see our precious babies on Wednesday, so we are going to go for the scan. Just for peace sake.


Now we are off to bed… and just wishing the next few months will speed.


  1. Sjoe Cstelle, dit moes baie, baie scary gewees het... Ek is bly om te hoor als is goed met babatjies en ek hoop hulle bly nog lank binne in Surro sus!

  2. Dankie!! ek glo darem dat als van hier sal goed gaan!!

  3. Liewe Cstelle,
    Dat sy sterk emosies, sjoe Cstelle. Ek bly vir julle bid, hoor!
    Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen, baie kisses,

  4. Phhh, Cstelle that must have been a hell of a day.
    Glad to know that your miracle-twins and surro-sus are fine ! Take care of yourselves, Sophie