Jun 19, 2011

18 weeks today!!

Sorry for me being missing in action… but I suppose action is what’s going to be in my life for the next few months!!

Wednesday we went for our 17 week scan with Suro-sus doctor, first  time we met him, very nice.

I think I went on like a parrot saying , please DON’T tell us the gender on the babies. We DON”T want to KNOW!!! Because at this stage the doctors know what it is. So the guessing game is still on with most people saying it’s a mix ( easy guess suckers!!) then its 2 boy’s and then 2 girls!

Every time we saw them its real!! So real!! They on track, growing nicely ( showing 18 weeks, Luv’s gene’s) Suro-sus is doing fine just tired and her bump is showing!!!

We did baby-sitting this weekend… to keep a 4 year old with rolling eyes and a 2 years old who just want to see RIO-the- Animation DVD busy was really hard, but we love it!! It is a bit boring to play hide and seek in a mall for 2 hours. But anything to keep them busy!!

One of my friends have had a bit of problems in her pregnancy so on 30 weeks they take out her baby boy, he was only weighing 860grams! So tiny, but he is doing fine. Thinking of you a lot!!

Suro-sus phone me just now, the 4 year old was saying her bump is big now, is it the 2 babies?? Asking if it is my and Luv’s babies. She wants to talk to them, so sus say they can not talk. She put her ear at her bump and then say…they don’t want to talk!!! Then she scream….”what are doing inside????” We think the twins got a scare!!!! If they know her they will now start to hide!!

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  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Dank die Heilige Skepper vir al hierdie goeie nuus van jou, Suro-sus en die wonderlike tweeling.
    Vraag Suro-Sus na 'n nuwe foto met haar swanger buik.
    In Vlaanderen begin vandag amptelik die somer, by julle die winter.
    Dink aanstaande Vrydag aan my, skryf me dan jou verjaardagsgroet, dankie.
    Baie kisses, liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,