Jun 22, 2011

Made up your mind.

If there is one thing about me is that cannot make up my mind AT ALL!!!!!

Weird but thats ME!  I change my mind million of times… Yesterday it was happening again. For weeks I know exactly how something must look, what  needs to be made. So with everything write out on paper I walk over to the shop. Get a nice chap to help me. Tell him that this is what I want him to do…and as I stand there I wonder, is this it?? What if I change it to this and move that….so 15 minutes later the exact-thing-I-want change to something totally different. Now I wonder the whole time if they phone me and its finish will I like it, because it was not my first choice?  I am killing myself!!

If we go to a restaurant 99.9% I will change my order over and over again. Luv think this is hilarious!

One of the very FEW things I know for the beginning was, when I saw Luv….I KNOW I WANT TO MARRIED HIM !!!!!  And as you can see I haven’t change my mind!! Lucky me. Somethimes you have to stick to first choises.

I think when the twins arrive,,,,I will stick to them as well!!!!

But sorry for food, home décor, hair colour and styles and the paint on my walls…they will be change the whole time!


  1. Ha ha! Very funny post!

    Congrats on your babes. Hope things are uneventful until they arrive!

    ICLW #53

  2. Love it...and hair color is a great thing to change and play with.

    Congrats on the twins and I hope your surrogate has an easy pregnancy.

    ICLW #10