Jun 6, 2011

Wine Weekend

Friends of the wacky...With Coffee???

Beautiful next to the river...

This weekend we visit the Wacky.Wine.Weekend. One of the festivals that is really super nice. There are about 50 cellars that are on the route. And then you can go wine tasting and most cellars have something to eat as well.

It was really so nice and a very chill-out weekend. We only arrive home last night at 21h00.. We have drunk nice wines!! ( one thing you can do when you have twins and they not staying in you) My twins was at their nieces 4 year-party.Ones  again as you can see they are having a joll-of-a-time.

Because the festival was in my home town I have see a lot of friends , old clients of me, and people I know. Lot of people with tears in their eyes, because of the miracle-twins. Have to say if someone cry, I am a bit rock.  I am also just trying to keep myself in control the whole time.

I have also seen our Attorney she was ecstatic!! And was saying last year this weekend we sign all the papers. And the only thing I remember was, Me sitting there with so much pain. I walked like someone with bladder-infection. Just losing a baby and a tube…thinking ….why in a millions year are we doing this, I am so screwed!! I don’t want to go through this again… and NOW One year later we are 16 weeks pregnant with twins!!! WoWwWWWWWW!!

Have to say my brothers 2 kids are getting bigger by the day, and sooo cute!!!

I am the Luckiest girl in the world!!!

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