Jun 23, 2011


WOW!!!! WoWWW!!!!!

The twins have started to kick!!!! I am just sooooo excited and…..sooooooo jealous!! Still wishing it was me. I would have loved to feel them kick!!

Mommy are so proud of your kicking, because now your” tummy-aunty “can feel you are there. I think it was suro-sus youngster screaming at them, which made them start to kick. I think they want to play with.( good luck twins .. they are hyper!)

Some people have difficulty to post. Maybe this blog of me are the same as me. Not working always the way it is suppose to work.So try …if you write a comment, select you name . Then name and url comes up. Write in your name and url if you have one , otherwise just leave it open. And then post….nothing happen ….post again…nothing happen….post again ( just think its like me never stop trying) after 3 -4 times it will post!! Good luck!!


  1. Fabulous milestone! WOW! Sounds as though everything is settling back down and going according to plan.

  2. Yes, I think from now on we will be rolling to the end!!

  3. Feeling the babies move is such an awesome feeling!

    iclw #36

  4. that is fantastic, I hope it is not too long until you can feel them too!!!

    Congrats and Happy ICLW!!

  5. Congratulations! babies kicking is such an awesome feeling...it is also so reassuring


  6. How wonderful that they're kicking!
    Congrats and happy ICLW!

    Life in the White House

  7. "tummy auntie" is such a cute nickname! How exciting, and slightly bittersweet, to reach that milestone! Congrats!

  8. stopping from ICLW
    congrats on the kicking!!!
    can't wait to feel the same...