Jun 3, 2011

Happy Birthday!!! Sus!!

Today is SURO-SUS  Birthday!!!!!

Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a ball of a day!!! I suppose the twins were the first to sing to you this morning??? I can only say, God bless and thank you for being the GREATEST SUS in the world!! 

I know you are not having a party today because you are tired, but next year you can  go and party all night through….I will look after you kids!!!! Just be back after a week , please!!!

A year ago this time I was in so much pain…it was the most pain ever! Because I slip and have this pain , I did not think for 1 single minute, I has having an ectopic pregnancy!!

The  Thursday I slip.

The Friday I had a serve pain, that knock me double. (Pain pills work!)

The following week I had this pain on and off. Actually is was soooo painful!!  I don’t know how I survive it, maybe I was a that stage so fed-up for dr’s after the April Suro/IVF did not work.

The next Friday the pain was unbearable, I did a pregnancy test. Positive with in seconds. Went for bloodworks, have to wait a whole day because the lab where they sent the  was 1h30 away.

A friend help me to make pudding for an event. She highly pregnant was making it, me was lying on the kitchen counter crawling with pain.

While I wait for the blood I phone Luv to come home NOW!!! Phoning the doctor telling I think I am  busy dying !! HELP!!

Luv pick me up rushing to the hospital 1h30 minutes away ( what a LONGGGGG ride)

Doctor putting the scan on… everything inside me full of blood, the tube burst. Me going straight to ER!!

I cannot believe it’s a year ago!! This time last year so many things happen, The Ectopic , the next day my brother’s 30’s , the Wac.ky Wi.ne ( and I did not  miss out a thing!!) I walk as slow as a snail…. And bending over like a 90 year old granny, but all the laughter  healed me.


  1. Liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Ook my beste wense vir die verjaardag van jou SURO-SUS. So 'n mooi verjaardagkaartjie mag jy binnekort ook vir my publiseer (as het kan in Afrikaans!): Op 24 Junie word Nadja 62 jaar (omgekeerd getal sou 26 wees!!!)
    Baaie kisses. Liefdevol uit Vlaanderen,


  2. Thanx Nadja Laat weet dan stuur ek vir jou afrikaanse Kaartjie!! Lekker naweek!!

  3. Ek soek n baie pragtige boodskap aan mu sussie wat 8 word,sys adorable en ek het nie words vir har nie.Asseblief