Dec 17, 2010


Wonder why this time of the year is so hectic??? Its Friday already again. Fridays is my best day, because its the beginning of the weekend!!!!! but today is going to be chaos!!!!

I am working the whole day, everybody need to be ready for there holiday, then we have a 40ish BDay party tonight, with a theme PINK, SILVER and BLACK (  and the only pink I have is in my PJ's?????) I need to get a Kitchen tea gift for tomorrow and then Tomorrow there is another Market and the flowers did open up enough EKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!

SO then my mind is going around about my PLAN-OF-ACTION ( POA) for the future.... we more or about know what we are going to do, will tell you all later ( and funny its not what I have decided for me , buts its it!!)

Enjoy your weekend!!! Miss you all!!!

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