Dec 20, 2010

Christmas with all the things...

Its a funny feeling, everybody is in a "Christmas-hype" Running around like rats buying presents, getting all things right and finish for Christmas.

I always luv it two. I Love the tree and to decorate it, putting up lights ( its just so beautiful!!) and all the excitement.

But now the is such a horrible time!! I just hate every moment of it. I don't put up ANY CHRISTMAS STUFF. My house look just like it always do. I am still working to keep me busy.  If you don't have kids this time is not such a big deal.

Because we don't buy presents  anymore , we do take the money we where suppose to spend and buy presents for kids that don't have homes, or parents, or just have nothing. That a nice feeling!!!

I think me and luv are for sure at Cross-roads in our life, there are big things happening in our lives, decisions to make, things that is about to happen. I think I do need NEW things to focus on.

...because I am just so fed-up for this 2010 that was so a Shitty Year!!!!

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