Dec 9, 2010

Busy to keep me sane!

From tomorrow for 2 days I am going to a market to sell flowers….I just loveeeeee flowers!!!

At this moment my kitchen and lounge look like a spring festival, it’s beautiful!!! I still have to make some bunches!! I will take pics and post it over the weekend. I have been so busy, lately, don’t know if it help or not, with my mind???? I think I NEED me time, now! Good news..the blood stop!!

Something you don’t know about me, is I love competitions , freebies and I have an addictive personality. This year I have been very lucky with entries in competitions. I love magazines and then I enter, ONLY ONE TIME, EACH, competition ( that’s my rule otherwise, the addictive me will enter million of times)

This year I have won a Cam recorder, toaster, phone, perfume, toaster, wall tatoo’s, Last week I win Shark case d.ving!!! for 2 .Luv want to do it his whole life, I am so scared( I will properly put a knife in my pants just for maybe) and yesterday I win wine, champers, coffee table book !!

I am so lucky, don’t know why the IF life cannot be with so much luck!!!

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  1. Hi Cstelle, Just wanted to check how you are doing and say that I am thinking of you !
    I am sorry you had such a shitty year ! I am glad that the bleeding stopped and that you find activities you like to keep sane. It is a good way to recharge after what you have been through.

    Take care and much Love,