Dec 18, 2010

Tired!!! just so tired!!

All the rush is over for now, thank goodness!!!! The market was nice, and now me and luv just want to go and sleep.....

This week I have a few clients, and I need to clean my house ,but then its time to just relax and get peace with myself. I am in despreate need of that!!! I am just emosionaly so TIRED!!!

Form the IVF and then the pregnacy and then the MC and then the December rush there was really no time to just sit down and over-think all the shit we went through.... and I need it, now!!!

I am just coping under the radar, but I fine, just fed-up!!!!

We are going away for Chrismas to the farm and I need this quiet time... I just want to lie in the sun, swim, drink wine  and laugh. Need to go to my happy place We are going to stay with my brother, hopefully with out the "attachments". Me and suro-sus are sick of just always fighting with my brother for just time for us to bond, because my SIL's fucking family is just always with them. They got  NO RESPECT AT ALL for anybody, lie-ing all the time!!( and I hate people that lie!! they are untrustable!!) and every 2 years when it is our family-Chrismas time, they will just picth!!!! ( they need to sleep over for the night on ther way to family, 1 night will be 3 weeks at the end, arriving at the family...never!!!)  and if you dont know in a years time they more or less 60% of the time at the farm, thinking its there  holiday farm!!! yes they got NO LIFE of there own!!!! NO personality as well.

We are fed up for fighting!!! for just 2 week in 2 years of quality-family-bonding-time. So this year will be the last try. If that fucking attachments just pinch there nose in our direction , we are finish!! for ever. I don't even want to see them at all, nor either hear there voices!!!!! If I even just got there smell. I AM FINISH!!!!

and then we are going to start our own family chrismas,( from next year on, without begging for just some time) with lots of JUST NICE FUN AND MEMORIAL TIMES!!! That is whats life all about after all.

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