Dec 5, 2010

Coping??? with what??

Hi There!!!!

I was away for a few days and am back now. I am doing so-so…I am just so tired!!!!

I did not have time to think about anything, maybe I don’t want to think about it?? I will talk to my FS soon, just leave him a message “Will call you later!!! Not at home!( because I am not in a mood for talking….I am tired!!!!!

The bleeding has not stopped yet…and this is pissing me off!!! So now BCP( birth control pills) will be the next and I want to scream!!! Will give it 2 more day, that’s all!!!

Now that I have stop, all the shit-hormones-that fuck-me-up-BIG-TIME…I am sitting with headaches!!! Bruises!!!!! And the worse MY WHOLE BODY HAVE SMALL LITTLE PIMPLES ON!!!! Its like a allergic reaction, and I can tell you this, I am loosing it now..coping not anymore…

I think the pimples are my body’s way of telling me something… “ I am just as fed-up-fuck-up like you are, darling!!!!!

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  1. My liewe vriendin Cstelle,
    Een kleine verstrooing! Kijk eens by my: Ek het 'n kort maar mooi video oor wildlife in Oom Krugerpark!
    Baaie kisses, liefdevol,