Apr 3, 2013

Wium en  Nika with their brand new first shoes.

Hope you all have had an excellent Easter with loads of Easter eggs.

Its was a weekend with pouring rain, wonderful. So it was super lazy... We have catch up on loads of movies!! Just doing nothing!!

And because we went out in the first cold- we were not geared!! Kids have NO SHOES, they where crawling this time last year and then it were summer so barefoot and now they need shoes, and mommy don’t have a clue what size???? For Christmas they got their first shoes ever from a friend and we put it on. They look like cats on a tin roof-funny!

Last year on a sale we bought clothes for this winter. 18-24 months. Its little to big for NIka and way to big for Wium. So I bought clothes for Wium 12-18 months. It arrived. Way to BIG !! so now his is wearing last years clothes. Fit on the waist but way to short !!

Daddy intertaining the twins with his stories


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