Apr 5, 2013

14 years ago I have injured my knee badly. I have torn the entire ligament in my knee. I was 2 months in a knee cast.


The last 4 months I have had really bad pain in my knee and could not do all the things I was use to.

I am always scared I need an op , BECAUSE I HAD HOSPITALS and don’t want to see the inside of an theatre soon.

So I went to the physiotherapist, last week. I have no muscle in my legs and bum ( can this be of  no exercise because i am to busy with the twins? y)

She wanted me to do a few exercise which I could not do.. WHaaaa !! Now I am on a rehab-programme for 3 weeks and then will get more advanced exercise. To get the time to do this.... the moment I got on the floor the twins think its playtime and are all over me... but mommy need to do this.  Otherwise they will have a sit-at-the-side-mommy one day.

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