Apr 19, 2013

Winter is about to knock on our door....I hate winter its just to cold and I then go slow!!! I just cannot do anything and if you just know my to do list are getting as long as my arm!

This year will be an utter bliss if I can just finish all the stuff I want to do!! But most things I want to do is stuff I need to do WITH-OUT-KIDS otherwise it will take weeks!!

The twins don’t want me to do anything accept playing with them or they will sit , or let me reface destroy anything in eyesight around me, which mean more work for mommy!

They got their own personalities now!! Very demanding! but geee they funny!! It’s like I just don’t get enough of them!! I am just so privilege to be with them ALL DAY!!! And its not a pity for me, I love it!!

Kitchen are on a strike I think!! Yes they too can go on a strike....this weekend we need to jump in!! But in the town we stay I think most of the business people don’t want to work!!! And this happen all the time. You can ask for a quote.....you will wait 2 weeks or for ever, they just will not get back to you....its flipping me! And then when their business are crashing you must feel sorry( for What??? Not wanting to work???)

To all my friends going through some bad weather.... thinking of you!!! It’s not easy road.....xxxx


(next month I need to make Egypt food, so if you have nice ideas inbox me)

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