Mar 28, 2013

The twins are 18 months today!!! One and a half years. Who could ever think that 18 months ago our whole world would change....

The twins are super cute now.

They understand us, and can follow quite a few instructions. They can show what they want and what not. And if it’s not, it’s not!

They in a sort of a routine now which is nice. After been wake, they will show me they wanted their PJ’s out and they want they clothes on, for the day. They know who’s clothes is who’s. Its so cute, each getting their own clothes, showing they having their own identity.

They running all over the place and climbing everywhere and love playing and making stuff( its a mess) Nika think Wium is so funny, especially when he is putting something over his face, then she walk behind him and laughs. If he think he is funny, he have this straight poker face....Nika is the sweaty always giving her brother his bottle or toys. She also gives the nicest hugs!! Wium not the hugging type he wiggle like a worn still.

Their interaction with each other is amazing to watch and so cute!

They eat mostly everything and we try to keep it real as far as possible. Not giving junk and sweets.

They still in their cots which work like a rocket. Nika is a better sleeper than Wium, we all get sleep now, thanx for that!. They sleep only once a day for 2 -3 hours. They will come with their bottles and I will put them in their cots and they will sleep no hassle. So nice with them getting bigger and not fighting because they tired and don’t want to sleep.

They love going on outings and  we took them where we go.

They fill our life with so much joy xxxxx



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