Apr 22, 2013

Funny how many times nowadays people are asking “ are they twins?” yes !! is this your first?

Now I wonder don’t I look like a 20-something-mommy ??? or  are these people just some of that on-the-dot-age-spotters?

Do they think Shame, poor old lady with this try in injury-time and now its twins!!! Poor thing!

When I say “No they my first and only babies” then they said, yes twins are hard work I can think you don’t want more..... with me then. I would love loads more kids, but my sus, suro for me so they very special and we can just thank our stars for these two!!! They special!!

Then you can see they shut-down!! Suro...what the hec!!!!

And I think then they start to wonder.....

Are the sus crazy ( yes she are!)

Who’s kids are a suro’s??

Who’s kids are these ( its ours stupid ,can’t you see the mini-me and mini-luv)



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