Apr 11, 2013

We  are so busy lately I don’t get time for anything, but loving it. We are away allot, so it’s just pack and go. The twins have no problem with sleeping at new place which are super, as long as they are with, they fine.

The past weekend we were at  my parents farm, kids went ballistic. Running around and playing with their niece and nephew and we meet up with their new little niece.

We only got back last night, very tired. With twins its a bit more difficult to just go where you want....they want to eat and sleep and play. I have seen if you have 10000 of things on your list for the day....one will be pick off!!

I met up with suro-sus us want to go shopping.....Wium decided to sleep and don’t wake.... shopping not done. I met with friends from the UK, we haven’t seen in 2 years and it was GREAT seeing each other!!

Long ago I met with If –sisters in a coffee shop. I still remember our talks about, IF, doctors, sisters, clinic’s, egg-quality, sperm-quality, hormones and meds and how fuck-up infertility are!!!! Luv was with and I remember the people sitting next to us was very interesting in our talks because we were on a roll( for most people this talks are TA-BOO and we where ranting!!)

Now we meet again and we have babies!!! Seeing them for the first time was AMAZING!!!! Years ago we were in the dumps and now we on a HIGH!!

I have had a list as long as my arm , I hit the shop with the twins....it was chaos  in the trolley... I ended up with not even half the stuff and two kids redecorating the shops!! But I was in that mall for  5 hours!!

...and Wium fell into someone’s pool in the first 5 minutes we arrived!. I think the ice cold water was the biggest shock!!!

Through all of this me and Luv are re-doing our kitchen all by ourselves....years ago it was a three night job now it have been a months....kitchen are in chaos!!! You will get the pic hopefully before 2014!!!

Now its time for washing and there are bundles and bundles!!!
Grandma and the reckless bikers
Wium just want to sit with his "oupa" all day!!
Nika taking her innings for the TV...

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