Apr 30, 2013

After a very busy weekend with friends that visit and parties its the first time now that I can just sit for a minute!!! And chill!!


... Yesterday a full force of Granny DIY enter our premises!!


Grandpa made a house for the twins !! yes he is a hand-on-“oupa” who can make almost ANYTHING!!!!!

He arrived with his side-kick “ouma” who turn out to be the babysitter for the day and me being the “help”

When the twins went for their morning nap we turn on the speed and work like hell to just get it up before they wake. ( they give us a hour and half break)

Nika wake first ( with us not being finish) we let her out and when she saw the house without a roof she went all OOOOing and AAaaaing. She could not believe her eyes and from there on it was difficult to get the job finish with her in the way and the paint job also needed to stop because of her.

When Wium wake and he saw the new addition in the garden he run to the little house and from then

It was in the house and out the house..... Open the windows and close the windows!!!  To see their faces the first time when they saw the house was  PRICELESS!!!!

It is the most beautiful house I still need to paint the house in kids-colours but for now I just put a base colour and the new house need alot of work to  , as you know it take alot to put a house up from scratch...


Thank you Grandpa!!!!! For our own house!! We love you

Wium and NIka


"Oupa" busy with the house
Nika can not believe her eyes!!
Wium seeing his house for the first time Wow!!!
The proud owners of a BRAND NEW HOUSE  with the people who made it possible


  1. Dear Oupa, can you please come and visit us? Emma would love a house to... we will give you lots of cookies and milk.. pretty please?? Coco

  2. I will let oupa know, their are more small little people that want a house too!!

  3. What is the house made of - plywood? We need to build one too, the J Babes will be uber jealous if they see this

  4. Its real wood walls and a tin roof !!, the J babes will love it!!

  5. I think your Oupa should come to JHB and build one for Kade too ;) GREAT JOB OUPA xxx