Apr 16, 2013

Pass-out but dont leave the shopping
exploring the backpackers....
taking a bath in the 5-star-tub                                       we are big now!!!

On Friday we left for a family wedding of Luv’s nephew on Patensie. The Kids love the little road-trip and was not bad in the car, thank goodness!

I did not go to the wedding because, No Kids, so us 3 did the coffee-shop-play-thing.  Entertaining them the whole day while waiting for their daddy.

On our way back we stay-over at the backpackers (which was before-kids one of our favourites. So now it’s their first stay at the “packers “they were all over the place exploring of the funny things which just a backpackers have. We don’t to the dorm-thing we do the on-suite-packers-now.

Yesterday was our 13th anniversary!! 13 very interesting years!! Like my mom said with NO-TROUBLE ( ha ha ha) we took the kids for their vacanatations  poor things. They grow in length ( daddy’s genes) so much the past 3 months  and their weight stay the same.
On our way...

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