May 2, 2013

 It have been a year since my last ectopic!!!...geee, a year have past since that dread full day!!

So for a year I have been clean from doctors, pain, pills and theatres its a first for me because for years it was part of my life !!! clean for a year!! Jippee!!

It’s just wonderful to be part of normal life!!


My kids love dress up’s and last night we needed to open up Pandora’s treasure box for an event.....the kids jump in and got some spec’s which stayed glued to the faces till they went to sleep!!!!


And when they wake after their morning nap, they wanted pants on their heads!!! And now they think they are very funny, laughing for everything and they went on a strike they don’t want to eat!! Just laugh.... very funny for me!!

Nika have catch up on some teeth. 4 in 4 days!! Wonderful for her and mommy near crazy!!

Very impressive!!
Pants -on-the-head....

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